The participants with dynamic start-up ideas get an opportunity to display their ideas in front of a panel of investors, judges and mentors. The top participants are rewarded with incentives that help them to grow their ideas from seeds to reality.



It is a great platform for budding entrepreneurs to get a dose of skill and know-how supplements to turn their startup ideas into reality giving a real feel of the various aspects of conducting a business.




Crowdfunding can offer benefits ranging from a wider pool of potential investors to more nimble fundraising options. It is a fantastic way to gain visibility and validate the participant’s business idea.

Training workshops

They are an opportunity for the participants to gain exposure and not only enhance their existing skill sets but also develop new skills through various training sessions like building and scaling your business idea, the key to execution, building an effective pitch, strategizing your business ways as per the new normal and many more.



Hearing from industry experts will give participants the inspiration they need to mine their own gems. It will also help to identify and correct gaps in generic skills and knowledge maintaining a broader perspective.



Getting to know other entrepreneurs who have been "in the trenches" and know what you're going through will help participants handle the tough times.



Podium winners stand a chance to win exciting prizes including- internship opportunities, coupons, vouchers, free event passes and many more.


Startups that are still in the idea stage or have just developed a prototype or conducted a pilot are eligible to participate in the Idea Track of Planet B 2020.

The event is open for teams comprising of students , corporate professionals, entrepreneurs as well as other  independent individuals.

A team must not compromise more than 4 members.